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Royalteewraps are essential for your everyday wardrobe. Made from lightweight Jersey fabric, these wraps are soft to the touch and the cotton material and elasticity allow you to switch up your style. You can pull your hair up into a top bun, twist it into braids, locs, weave styles, or wear it naturally. Wear multiple wraps for a unique look. Wrap, tuck, and go! Every color adds a unique flair - you'll want more than one. Use a Royalteewrap as a wrap or scarf to spice up a t-shirt, jeans, or leggings for a grocery run or workout session. Increase the glamour by wearing it on vacation, special events, concerts, or church.

*Colors may appear lighter/darker on screen.

Material: 100% Polyester (not pre-tied).

Care: Hand/machine wash, air/tumble dry low, spot treat.


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